It was, it is, and, if the fates allow, hopefully it will remain so.

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Special times abound, and I’ll share one with you now.

Recently we found ourselves at (adult Third Culture Kid) Husband’s high school reunion in Rome, celebrating the 50th birthday of his beloved international school.

As these weekend-long reunions only occur once a decade, they are generally well-attended.

Toss in an overseas arts & humanities program for one child, and last-minute change in summer plans allowing for the crossing of paths with a global best friend for the other.

Conjure the funds through scrimping and saving and scoring great deals on travel and housing, and What might simply have been a short-lived vacation morphed into what is proving to be a marvelous few months.

It’s not the same as packing up and moving abroad again, but close enough.

Many thanks to those of you who contacted me behind the scenes to inquire whether all was well.

And believe me, the logistics and complexity of details have rivaled many a campaign.

So many factors contributed to what quickly became a growing enterprise I affectionately refer to as OPERATION: EXTENDED SUMMER TRAVEL.

Take one wanderlust-fueled, holiday-starved family deeply missing the excitement and thrill of exploring new places and cultures.

Add a high school reunion, a couple work-related opportunities, and the chance to write in different, enthralling and creativity-inspiring environments.