At a time when getting the most bang for your buck is key, “outsourcing” is the effective and efficient business solution you seek. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, AEX Soft developers are mastered in a wide range of Microsoft technologies.We never stop learning and always staying on top of available technologies in industry.We have a mobile development department in our company who is specializing in creating impressive mobile solutions running on all popular mobile platforms All you need to do is send us your requirements!

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We take pride in our work and our clients’ needs always come first!

Here at AEX Soft, we are committed to providing only high quality services and impeccable customer support.

Because our clients are so important to us, we provide daily customer support by phone, email, and by instant messaging systems.

With over 30 complex medium to large scale projects completed in its 5 years of activity, AEX Soft ensures its clients always receive the best solutions, strict adherence to requirements, fast and error-free development, full integration of their applications, and comprehensive error testing.

Focusing on enterprise software development and IT services integration, our team of professional project managers, architects, developers, and web designers work with the latest Microsoft technologies.

If you plan on outsourcing software development to an offshore outsourcing company, these are 3 of the most important questions you might have: After careful analysis and understanding of the requirements, we will come up with the best solutions!

AEX Soft is a mid-sized company, and a Microsoft Certified partner, with a specific focus on business and enterprise software development and information technology services integration.

With a team of top-notch project managers, software developers, architects, and web designers, AEX maintains a high level of competency in software & web development and IT-integration.

In the business world, it is wise to keep your expenses low.

But that can be a continual problem as the cost of EVERYTHING seems to keep rising each day.