The rake is something he makes note of mentioning that they’d play $10-$20 limit hold’em and the rake was $10 meaning about 5 % and in addition to that people tipped around $2.50 which would be the minimum so it would usually be more around $7.50 or $10 Daniel talks about playing very little poker when he’s at home – he loves being at home and relaxing and his couch is his favourite vacation spot in the world.

One of the things Daniel makes mention of is his previous job he had prior to being a world famous poker player, where he would be working as a salad bar manager at a restaurant and how he would have been a better representative of Subway than Jared who he says was a disappointment turning out to be a pedophile.

He considered himself to be a sandwich artist being able to make a Turkey Bacon sub in 24.7 seconds.

One of the interesting things about the interview – is that Daniel says he had no media training despite Poker Stars offering it a lot and he’d refuse that and any sort of prep before major interviews on shows like USA Today saying that when it comes to his interview he refuses to let himself be muzzled and saying something that he would otherwise refuse to say.

He also alludes to the fact that he has a loud voice so people definitely want to hear what he has to say whether they agree with it or not.

Daniel Negreanu got his start with Full Contact Poker and alluded to the fact that he would sit for hours and hours as well as come to the WSOP in the early days entering stats and studying.

He says he didn’t even have a laptop computer – he used a book which he still has and he would do 6 hour sessions and write notes and grade himself based on a letter grade based on how well he played.

Even though he would lose at times – he would give himself an A+ while in other cases he’d give himself a D even though he’d win.

Some mental notes that he would write would be about things like how sitting next to a smoker would be a serious distraction and would make a comment about it causing him to be ‘tilted and annoyed’.

When asked about if he went over the notes – he makes clear that it wasn’t about going over the notes as much as it is a form therapy for him to write things down.