If Oracle Business Intelligence is installed on a computer with a 32-bit operating system, then advise users to export to CSV format for greater performance.If users must export a large data set without using the CSV format on a computer with a 64-bit operating system, then users might experience an out-of-memory error.If users see this error message, then you must likely increase the heap size for the Java Host service. Depending on the available memory on the computer, you might want to increase the heap size for the Java Host service.

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For more information about Oracle BI EE, see " You can configure various options that change how the results of analyses or views are exported.

Before you begin this procedure, ensure that you are familiar with the information in Section 3.4, "Using a Text Editor to Update Configuration Settings." Specifies whether cells that span rows and cells that span columns are to be repeated when users export tables and pivot tables to Microsoft Excel.

If set to true, then cells that span rows and cells that span columns are repeated, regardless of the Specifies whether rows are to be kept together at page breaks when exporting to PDF.

This chapter describes how to configure and manage analyses and dashboards and the objects that they contain, such as views, in Oracle Business Intelligence.

For information about how content designers work with analyses and dashboards, see .

End users with appropriate privileges can modify personal and shared dashboards, including the addition of pages and content. This chapter includes the following sections: Before you create shared dashboards, ensure that you have planned the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog directory or folder structure and security strategy.

In general, to create a shared dashboard, you first create the dashboard and add content using the Dashboard Builder.

You can also assign permissions to access the dashboard.

Users who are members of multiple application roles or Catalog groups can select the dashboard that they display by default from all of the dashboards to which they have permissions.

The following list provides other resources with information about dashboards: .

While users can export directly to an Excel format, they might notice greater performance when exporting large numbers of rows if they export first to CSV, then import that file into Excel.