And fuck is what we did; we fucked him in the front seat, the back seat, and even the on hood of the car, lol.

I’m happy to tell you that this time we really laid into him with some serious ass and throat fucking, especially since he is no longer a virgin and loves to FUCK! We’ve watched him bottom and top for the first times and I can def say the boy is excellent sex.

But even if he wasn’t, he’s just so fucking cute to look at that it really wouldn’t matter to us, lol.

We could have kissed his cute little face and sexy lips ate his delicious ass and snuggled him and that would’ve been just fine with us, but thankfully Levi also wanted a hot, cum-splashing, ass-fucking, throat-pounding good time!

We took him on vacation with us where we rented a house with a pool and it was a blast.

But, we quickly discovered that Caleb LOVES to have sex in unusual places like cars, by the pool, and outside where you could possibly get caught. We agreed to get in our car and drive out to meet up with Caleb after he took a long sweaty run while wearing a jock strap.

When we picked up Caleb he was already hard and jumped right in the car and started sucking our cocks.

We drove around and found a spot up in the hills to park and fuck.

Keep an eye out for the HUGE double facials we gave him; he looked like a cream-frosted pop tart!

This little adorable local thought it was okay to make me wait 30 minutes.