About me I worked in health for 20 years and just before my 40th birthday I had a major life change.I gave it up and bought a small business with my then partner.We were I am funny, serious, stubborn, sensitive, loving, loyal and weird, all roiled into one. Really love walks along the foreshore, and staring out into the ocean, watching the waves roll in. :) I´m a laid back country girl with a wicked sense of humour, so my mates say! I love traveling and discovering new and exciting places around the world and in my own back yard.

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I like to write and it I am a experienced bisexual woman, enjoyed my relationships with the right women when I have been lucky to meet them and hope to find the same again on this site. She knows exactly who she is and what she deserves & will never settle for less. I Laid back, shy at first, artistic, spiritual, open, accepting. I am almost vegetarian (can't give up my seafood still). New York, Europe, and Bora Bora are some of my favorite and most frequented destinations. It´s a directionless story and the dialogue is lame...´ So let´s change the story because we are the writers of our script, the artistic designer of our environment and the director of our When it comes to hobbies I like to stick my finger in a variety of pies..to speak. , dabble in photography, the occasional sketch happens from time to time, the piano gets a tinkle with every Hey there, I am easy going girl that loves my friends and family.

She is honest, romantic, committed, I've lived in Brisbane now for a very long time, but originally came from the bush. I have a passion for Australian red wines, malt whiskey, and food. I love to read, learn, take walks, dance, ice skating, listen to music, play music and paint. I have been living I am just me pretty much, I don´t hide who I am. I simply love First thing, hate writing profiles on myself!!! Im at a stage in my life where im working hard to enjoy my holidays and the finer things in life!

I'm someone who is very comfortable with my own company, but I am equally comfortable socialising and spending quality time with good people. My friends and family would say I am kinda crazy, I am hoping that is meant in a totally good way :) Being crazy and mucking around helps me at work.. I love living in Cairns getting out and about with my gorgeous, crazy friends socialising meeting new and interesting people. Anything really goes..really just re discovering myself and Well Hullo there ;) Ooooooooooo too much to write.

I really enjoy being around honest, fun, compassionate, open minded people, who have fit bodies, mind and souls.

Everyone has I like to go with the flow (most of the time), hang out with good friends, enjoy long drives, open space and nature, Byron is a favourite spot for grounding and relaxation.

I also have a keen thirst for self development, passion for I am friendly, approachable and talkative, humorous with a generous spirit. I thoroughly enjoy making people laugh and I try to make it my mission. I enjoy simple pleasures like Fact 1: Love isn´t about perfection. Fact 2: It is physically impossible to kiss your own elbow... I am originally from NSW (don’t judge me), but I have been in Brisbane now hello!

i tend to resonate with people who are sincere, good-natured, and enthusiastic; i have a soft spot for geeks, academics, and wordsmiths.

some things I am into: coffee, meditation, chatting, vego food, music, reading We are a deeply committed couple in a long-term relationship.

The kids have gone and we're now free use all the hot water ourselves. Animals, being outside and travelling are favourite things. I have been on the Sofa for a year now and wonder where all the women are that would like to meet a decent woman, form a friendship and perhaps have that friendship lead to something else.