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Hep B is listed as an STI health issue, but shouldn't Hepatitis A be listed also?

A specific risk factor for having hepatitis A is MSM, and the MSM population is at an increased risk of contracting this viral disease...

Because of systematic cultural biases including those of researchers this is a field that is largely mis-attributed and miscounted.

I feel we can make broad generalized statements that remain accurate but need to be cautious about statements asserting transwomen or transmen are more or less likely to engage in certain activities or are more likely to vector diseases.Similar to the problems with using the blood data to show the MSM are X-times more likely to have HIV, well they got the MSM blood info from STD/HIV clinics.-- (talk) , 12 March 2013 (UTC) @Benjiboi - For pre-op transwomen who have sex with men the HIV transmission rates actually *do* have something to do with their bodies.They don't have a vagina so they are more likely to engage in receptive anal sex than women (or heterosexual men) -- and so they are more likely to get HIV.And because they have a penis they are more likely to engage in insertive anal sex -- and so they are more likely to pass on HIV. But even if all the discrimination were to magically go away -- pre-op transwoman and MSM would be a relatively small and relatively sexually isolated group for which a relative high percentage engage in anal sex and role reversal. What we're learning is that, as far as the underlying cause of HIV levels are concerned: a high percentage of anal sex and role reversal are the key differences when comparing MSM communities to most highly promiscuous heterosexual communities.Hoping To Help (talk) , 1 November 2009 (UTC)This may be true, however we need reliable sources to show that (i) pre-op transwomen are classified and studied for these statements.