Remember that shoes will be visible to the audience.

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In return, the graduate is expected to have a graduation party for those attending.

A gift is expected from those receiving an invitation.

Graduation Announcements are sent to friends and family to share the good news of the graduate's accomplishment.

Graduation, a time to celebrate a job well done, is one major milestone in life marking the beginning of a bright new future.

Because the occasion denotes a certain formality, there are some do's and don'ts of graduation etiquette to consider.

Should you send graduation invitations or announcements? Those who receive graduation invitations expect to be able to attend the ceremony.Therefore, only immediate family and close friends should be invited to the ceremony.For those receiving an announcement, a gift is not expected unless they choose to do so.Because graduation announcements have somehow become associated with forced gift-giving, they should only be sent to close friends and family, unless the announcement specifically states "No gifts please".A cap and gown is the traditional attire for graduation.Many schools have specific rules about what to wear underneath the robe. For her, if the graduation gown is white, be sure to wear light colored clothes underneath to avoid seeing a faint image of brightly colored attire through the gown – not a good look on stage. Dress pants or casual pants are fine - no jeans or shorts.