This can make a huge difference to your financial freedom, enabling you to start enjoying life to the full.Whether you are making repayments on your federal loans or whether you are on a grace period with these loans, you could be eligible for this form of student loan consolidation.If you are a parent that has taken on federal loans for your student child, you could also be eligible for the federal student loan consolidation program.

With the high cost of getting an education these days, many students find themselves in high levels of debt by the time graduation comes around.

Student loans can weigh you down for a long time even after you have completed your education, and when you are just starting out in life after college, these loans can prove a real financial burden.

If you have federal student loans such as the Stafford or PLUS loan, you could benefit from federal student loan consolidation.

This consolidation package is for students with federal loans, and can reduce loan repayments by over fifty percent in many cases.

You will need to provide a certain amount of pertinent information when making your application for federal student loan consolidation.

You should provide the balances and the current interest rates on all federal student loans that you wish to consolidate, as well as the details of the company or companies that deal with your current student loans.

You must also provide the details of two personal references, and these must be based within the United States.

Once normal repayments of your federal student loans have resumed, you will probably find that the rate of interest charged on the consolidation loan is higher.

The federal student loan consolidation program enables you to enjoy a fixed rate, which could save you a fortune if the interest rates are low when you make your application.