Every sign has a “compatibility” rating with another sign.This is measured by looking at a sign’s common traits and comparing them with the most common traits belonging to other symbols.People go to love consultants looking to find out what is in store for them when it comes to their dating life.

'We have become good friends because we have many things to talk about and he is a nice guy and I like nice people around me.

Nice, good people, with a good heart, and he is one of them,' she told Elle of her friendship with Justin. I have some auditions for the movies, so we will see how they go.

Besides modeling, I got into the acting classes, and this is what I enjoy right now and what I do with passion,' she told the fashion magazine.

People who believe in astrology tend to believe in fate.

They use their own personality traits to decide what type of person would be the best fit for their own personality in a relationship.

People who use astrology to guide their love life do the same thing, only they use their astrology sign to evaluate who would be good for them in a relationship.

Twelve signs known as the zodiac signs are used to match up people because it’s believed that people who are a certain sign tend to display certain qualities.

For instance, Leos are extroverts so they match up well with signs that are able to handle their need to be in the spotlight.

Since everything is connected, some people are believed to be able to “see” those connections.

People go to these consultants to get their “Soul Connection” chart constructed so that they know who they are going to be able to connect with in the future.

This kind of astrology is known as esoteric astrology.