Sweden is a beautiful country with mountains and greenery.Every month thousand of tourists come and spend their vacation in this peaceful environment.

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These girls like traveling and going out but are limited to their circle as I told above. These girls are highly educated and work at reputable positions as doctors, dentists and much more.

These girls are very proud to be Swedish and prefer foreigner men as their partners.

These girls want their partners to be confident and independent.

They do not like going out of their houses without being prepared or dressed properly. They like sticking to their own small social circle and do not like others to interfere.

They appear quite reserved but at heart they are very gentle and polite.

These girls do not trust anyone easily; they take time and then trust others.Sweden girls in Dubai are very feminine and like to be praised but they do not show that they are longing for someone to come and praise them.Sweden girls in Dubai are very hardworking and strong. Sweden girls in Dubai are not usually blonde but some of them are brunettes as well.They work day and night to earn a living for their family. They possess milky fair skin, thick long dark hair and green or blue eyes. These girls have usually broad faces with extended jaw lines.Sweden expatriates girls in Dubai dress like models.They like to dress formally for almost every occasion.