Now I know romantic walks and sunsets are probably one step beneath having a needle poked in your eye.

So when you finally meet that special girl, your bills can pile up .

But let me share with you a little secret: You DON’T have to splurge on luxurious dinners to keep (at least the best of) us interested. But with a little creative thought, between you and me, you can come up with some date ideas that really don’t have to blow your budget. But however cliche this may sound, many girls really do believe it’s the thought that counts.

Going that extra mile in planning a date will make her super impressed with your creativity.

When taking it to the next level, there is no better way of getting to know her than just being yourself. Laughing and letting loose with one another is such an integral part of every relationship, and that doesn’t cost a thing.

These may not be your favorite plans, but trust me; they are a great way to winning a girl's heart.

So suck it up, and take one for the team when you're ready to impress (but broke AF).

And trust me guys; if she’s happy, you’ll be happy.

If you just love going the movies, try something different and go to a drive-in. Being in the outdoors, cuddled up in your car while watching a movie is way better than your classic movie theater.

Try the karaoke idea, but if you guys are just too shy, chill out at a local jazz club.

Brazilians are known for soul-soothing tunes, so try finding a Brazilian restaurant with live jazz.

Men, I get the struggle of keeping up with rent payments, student loans and monthly bills.