The Transformer Number 606-8-26 would indicate either: * The 26 week of 1998, or * The 26 week of 2008 If there is a "0" before that "8" then it's a 2008.The Blues Junior dates of manufacture are from 1997 to present.

dating pro junior-4

It's got the fat mid tones characteristic of EL-84 output tubes, a dual 12AX7 tube preamp, and a 10-inch Fender Special Design speaker with vintage cone.

These ingredients add up to incredibly touch-sensitive dynamic response that experienced players prefer.

Other features include a unique clean-to-drive volume control, and external speaker capability.

The new Pro Junior III also includes these upgrades: Easier reading black control panel with front reading text; New badge; Vintage Fender "dog bone" handle; Vintage sized jewel light; Lower-noise shielding; Rattle reducing shock absorbers for EL-84 tubes; Heavy duty set screw "chicken head" knobs.

February,1120hrs-1200hrs Open to teams of A Head Chef and Junior Chef (20yrs old maximum) to create a two course menu to the competitors’ choice, either starter and or main and dessert.

This is a great opportunity for a junior and head chef to experience a live competition environment together creating modern outstanding food.

Competitors to provide all ingredients and minimal mise- en- place is allowed, two portions of each dish must be presented.

I just bought a fender blues junior -usa-I cant read the hand written scribbled letters on the sticker where everyone sez the date codes are-can i find the date from the serial number? Get one of these and I can help you set the month and year your amp was made.

= B064955-thanks in advance No, the serial number will not tell you the date of manufacture. Regards, kcbuck Thank you for your response-i spent some time looking in the chasis& there are no numbers on the tube chart-QA sticker has some scribble that is totally illegable to me-Where might i find the transformer numbers?

The Transformer Number that starts with "606-" followed by 3 or 4 addition numbers.

i took the back panel off...nothing that i could see....thanks again for your time.....