Please visit my tumblr: https:// I love hearing what you think and if you want you can send me something to post there. Read about me below and if we're into the same things, just let me know you're from babble so I don't block you. If Babble is down, you can catch me on yahoo messenger.YM:suprgrrlkara80 Here's some info about me:

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Love ladies andy age, but prefer mature ladies near my age! Joox of the old fables and Babble's origins O_o If we've spoken before, feel free to drop a message.

If not, foot rubs are accepted as a way to curry favor and a means of approaching me :] I'm here mostly to pass time and have a laugh and despite being a... Bisexual girl here looking to play nice and hot and slutty! Usually come here with girlfriends looking for a cock to share!

It's always fun to find one for us to play with so like hit us up ... I'm a lot of different things, but mostly, just strange and unusual, talk to me get to know me more..

Some likes of mine: Hockey Movies Camping Ill add more in a little bit.

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I love roleplaying, and I will roleplay just about anything as long as it is well written and interesting.

I love scenes that go on for a very long time I'm a 45 year old guy who loves younger (under 45) women who love to be dominated in the bedroom. I'm 6 feet tall, 170 lbs, decent shape, brown hair, green eyes.

Since the last crash, I've lost everyone in my friends l...6'1", 208 lb, body good in shape with kickboxing and biking. I might put up real pics in the future but for now just some others I have. With the fun i have had recently i may change to ladies only!!

Looking for some hot fun, let us chat and see what happens ..... Btw I want to have my body bulge as a big cock or futa fucks me and see the Cum fill me up Here for fun x No skype, texting or cams. Must have picture to be considered as a playmate x If I reject friend requests dont keep apply...