The message of the game is positive as characters are asked to help the in-game characters in quests and to protect the cities and villages.Players go on a heroes journey to do the best they can and participate in team versus team gameplay.The online manual and in-game tutorial are not comprehensive.

Camera angles and targeting can be awkward especially for new players.

Parents need to know that this is a massively multiplayer online game where children can encounter people from all over the world.

Chat is open although a "naughty word" chat filter is in place and an "ignore" list is available on which to place the foul-mouthed players so their chat is not displayed.

Playing within this attractive world with animated machines can be compelling, so you may find that children do not want to quit playing.

Otherwise, this is your standard hack-and-slash fantasy game where players kill creatures to gain experience, items and in-game gold.

Neo Steam does not stand out in MMO genre; but neither does it play badly and players may well enjoy playing in this online fantasy RPG in a Steampunk setting.

Graphics are soft and colorful featuring stylistic submarines, dirigibles, flying machines, and animated machines that are unique and attractive.

The game is free to play, but attractive items such as lizard mounts that players can ride and holiday outfits cost real money to purchase, as do items that are used up, such as health potions and increased experience items.

NEO STREAM: THE SHATTERED CONTINENT is set in a post-apocalyptic world which was destroyed because of the mis-management of a natural resource, Neo Steam.

There are two nations in game and players must choose one to play in and this leads up to player versus player battles in the end game.

Neo Steam is based on the Fantasy sub-genre known as Steampunk, which makes use of steam-driven fantasy machines.