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It is a front end to duplicity that performs incremental backups, where only changes since the prior backup was made are stored.

It has options for encrypted and automated backups.

It can backup to local folders, Amazon S3, or any server to which Nautilus can connect.

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I would say the backup solution depends on what you are using the machine you are backing up for.A collection of work/school critical projects/code has a far different set of needs from a computer storing an ungodly amount of porn and music.On my home setup I have a small script that backs up a couple of folders I wouldn't like to lose, it does this incrementally.My work laptop gets everything backed up to a server and never has mission critical stuff left on it anyway.Déjà Dup is (from Ubuntu 11.10) installed by default.It is a GNOME tool intended for the casual Desktop user that aims to be a "simple backup tool that hides the complexity of doing backups the Right Way".