How do women treat themselves: Russian woman knows that she is a woman and she likes it...deep inside she feels like a tender, weak and beautiful being created to have a family and children.

Women's appearance: Russian woman are slim enough in most cases. American women seldom use make up to intensify their brightness.

It is considered to be a bad taste as "only prostitutes use bright make up and luxuriant hair-does".

Clothes: Russian woman do their best to be beautiful. They prefer slinky clothes, gauzy ones, and any other that would accentuate and show :) all values of their figure: bust, slim legs, hips...

To loose her sexuality for a Russian woman means to loose her feminity namely high self-esteem.

Creating a family, children: For American women family has to consist of two parents for a child that of course affects his development positively :). and a child for them is a happiness they may give to themselves and to the beloved husband. To save the family they would endure material problems their husbands may have.

But men sometimes hinder them in this pedagogical process. The aim of a family is to live for a long time and to die on one day together with the husband surrounded by children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The scale of priority for a Russian lady is the following: first she is a wife, then a mother, and after it she thinks about professionalism and career.

Sex: Sex is good, especially when everybody is happy.

BUT this sexuality is not the one which aims at making sex only.

It is the urge to be desired, that is to say a woman any man seeks after and wants to gain. They put on clothes that hide all particular qualities of the figure, breast, legs.