But there are precious few details in them that would allow one to verify these claims, and the company itself says it so far sees no indication that the files are legitimate. ET: I’ve now spoken with three vouched sources who all have reported finding their information and last four digits of their credit card numbers in the leaked database.Also, it occurs to me that it’s been almost exactly 30 days since the original hack.

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A huge trove of data nearly 10 gigabytes in size was dumped onto the Deep Web and onto various Torrent file-sharing services over the past 48 hours.

According to a story at Wired.com, included in the files are names, addresses and phone numbers apparently attached to Ashley Madison member profiles, along with credit card data and transaction information.

Links to the files were preceded by a text file message titled “Time’s Up” (see screenshot below).

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Many news sites and blogs are reporting that the data stolen last month from 37 million users of Ashley — a site that facilitates cheating and extramarital affairs — has finally been posted online for the world to see.

In the past 48 hours, several huge dumps of data claiming to be the actual Ashley Madison database have turned up online.

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