Sean, Ben and Chris proved not only to be excellent guides with high quality professional skills, but they were also just plain “good folks”! Thanks again for the opportunity to climb with your organization.“The information received from Stu at Field Touring prior to booking the trip and then departure was comprehensive.

As was the food at base camp and the willingness of both the local staff and guides to go the extra mile to ensure the trip was a success and everyone had the best possible chance to summit.

Well evidenced by 8 out of the 11 trip members reaching the summit and the efficient way in which the one member who suffered from frostbite was evacuated by helicopter within 6 hours of a request being put in.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Stu and all the team at FTA and intend to climb with them again in the future” “I exactly found what I was looking for, had an unforgettable adventure, gained a lot of experience and met a number of really cool people. The guides were great, the HAPs (especially Taqui) as well and everything went out perfect. This was for sure not my last expedition and not my last trip with FTA.

Below are some comments and thank-you letters received from trip members on past programs.

We have recently removed direct contact addresses due to spam issues, please however feel free to contact us if you would like to speak to members on our past programs for further information or advice, and we will forward you their contact details. I have no issues with them and agree with the comments on success rates in general on 8000M peaks.

The weather is a huge factor and cant be blamed on the guides/Agencies etc.

Chris , Ben and Fabrizio are great guys to spend a summer with. We’ve paid a lot more for other guide services, but on the mountain you guys were top notch.

I would recommend FTA to anyone with aspirations to climb an 8000M peak. I’d recommend FTA to anyone because of you [Ben], Chris, and Sean.

Keep up the good work and I hope we run into each other on the mountain again.