Dear friends, I am pretty sure that you have heard a lot of things about ( and are wondering if it is possible to use this social network for looking a Ukrainian lady for marriage.If you have never heard about, you should know that VK is the largest Russian (rather FUS) social network with more than a 100 million active users.This site is not like a traditional dating site but offers a great chance to meet a special lady for life (of course, completely for free 😉 ).

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You can find this woman on and write to her a greeting message how you are happy to find her there.

If the woman does not respond you and claims that she does not know you, your doubts were not in vain.

From my personal experience, I can say you that there are no professional dating scammers like on International dating sites; nonetheless, this statement does not mean that you will not become a victim of fraud.

Some girls may think that it could be really nice and not bad to ask the Western man for money (you know – Internet fees, debts, credits, etc.). It looks exactly like facebook, however, one of the things I noticed some people actually post porn pictures. I practically copy and pasted my information from facebook onto this website.

My simple but wise advice is not to send money to the woman you have never met in person. I joined all the *English Speaking* groups to see if I can actually meet some people, and whats funny is I got some people from various parts of the FSU, heck even Africa wanting to talk to me. She started asking me questions on my background and other aspects on my life.

We started corresponding for the last couple days, and she asks me if she wanted to speak to me on skype.I agree, and this past morning I spoke to her on skype for over an hour telling me her dreams and what she wants to do in life, and I also tell her mine as well.Im a carer for my oldist son and my daughter they have autism.I love to have a laugh and have fun , love to go on days out or holidays . I speak well with hard of hearing myself and also I can do little BSL too. I am looking for company, someone who likes the same things as me. love go out meal any where or the beach kids love beach to happy course...