I’m not going to beat around the bush and tell you I’m some sort of hopeless romantic that enjoys long walks on the beach, cuddling, and thunderstorms. I am a happily (mostly) married man that desires a sexual relationship, along with a friendship (I can’t sleep with someone I don’t enjoy being around). If you do, I promise I’ll give you plenty in return!

updating r - Nice profile for dating site

You’re never getting laid if your profile isn’t high quality. From my experience, a killer profile is merely a written example of who you are as a person, with an interesting twist.

Basically, you should seem like a cool dude that has something to offer a woman (looks, great sense of humor, or be amazing in bed).

I am active on 3 affair dating sites (Ashley Madison.com, Affairs Club.com, and Married Date Link.com). The profiles I use are slightly different between the 3 sites.

But here is an example of a recent profile summary and description I received great response to…

I’m not shallow, but I do need to be attracted to my partner.

My description of the perfect affair partner is someone that is married (absolute MUST), is attractive, has a sense of humor, and is intelligent.

First you download Tinder for PC you install the application on your computer, it’s free You create a profile with one click (the application retrieves your Facebook profile picture and your interests – but fear not, no annoying messages appear nowhere on Facebook about your use of Tinder).

you add some photos, and if you wish, a brief description And go.

Tinder then allows you to scroll through the profiles of girls (or guys, if that’s your thing) located within X km around you.

If the profile you see please: you “Likez” a finger gesture; otherwise “NOPE”.

And you go to the next profile in intensive zapping mode.