And today, we’re going to flip the coin and go to the female side.

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They smile, they laugh, they come back to church the next week and everything’s fine. No, mother’s day the sermon has to be how special they are; how much we love them; how much we need them.

We see this every father’s day, every father’s day the sermon’s always bashing fathers about how horrible the family unity and how it’s all the father’s fault, they smile, they kinda look up and come back next week. Even from the very beginning in school, I can think of every single year we did great mother’s day things, I can’t think of one thing they ever taught us to do for father’s day. But mothers…we have to kinda speak in a “sensitive” way or else they’re going to kill you! In your handout, at the very very top, underneath the title, you’ll see there’s an internet address [email protected]

So that’s the first thing, I need a prayer request from all the guys to pray for me so that I don’t get hit by flying objects today as I’m talking. I know that sometimes questions have been coming up as you’re sitting there and people have told me, “I wanted to ask you a question, but I didn’t want to raise my hand and all that kinda stuff.” So we want to give you a chance to ask your questions because at the end of this series we’re going to have one session dedicated entirely to the questions that you had.

It’s good to have so many new faces with us today, if you are just joining us today or you’ve been here for awhile, you’ll know that we’re in the middle of a series we’ve been calling “Real Dating.” And what we’ve been looking at in this series is kind of God’s advice and God’s directive when it comes to the whole dating and relationships which ofcourse would lead us to marriage one day.

So what we’ve been looking at we said at the very very beginning of this series to catch some of you up to speed, we said that in order to be happy in life and to find fulfillment in life, you’ll never ever be happy and find true happiness unless you find “The One.” And if you’re searching for the one, you can never be happy until you find that “One”, but then we said that “the One”, is not a girl or a boy or a cute or a this or a that, “The One” is really our Lord Jesus Christ and if you haven’t found him then that’s the first love relationship that you must have and if you don’t have that, none of the other relationships that you have, no matter how good they are, no matter how cute she is, no matter how witty he is isn’t going to make any difference because unless it’s built on the foundation of your relationship with God Almighty, it will never be successful.

Then the next week we looked at, okay, so if God is “The One,” and we know how to find “the One,” we talked about how to find the “Two,” how to find that spouse and we talked about some of the principles God has laid for us in his word and we said how the world has certain standards of how you find “the Two” but God has higher standards.

And we made a commitment to sticking to God’s higher standards for finding “the Two.” Last week, we looked even more specifically at how to not find “the Two,” but more importantly how to be “the Two.” We looked at that from the men’s perspective, how we can be the proper Two and how we can be that Godly husband and be that Godly courtship guy that God wants us to be and we looked at that last week.

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Well it seems that the Coptic Orthodox are putting out very good audio and video sermons about Christian dating.