Without the manual edit, no changes occur, because the database is simply being updated with the values that were already present. Close(); } ), the alteration is correctly reflected in both the database and the table after the "Save" button in the edit form is clicked. Find Control("Client IDHidden Field") as Hidden Field).

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For custom objects collections, which you seem to be using, consider replacing the Grid Drop Down Column with template column holding a Rad Combo Box in its edit template (generating/binding the items for the MS Drop Down List inside the Item Data Bound handler of Rad Grid).

I am updating one of my grid field values through a Rad Window and once I press the update button inside the Rad Window, it closes but the change is not replected in the Grid. Hi Anly, Please take a look into the following code I tried to update a Rad Grid using a Rad Window.

I have used an asp: Detail View as the Editform for the Parent radgrid.

I have used a Javascript function which can be invoked in the Item Command event of the Detail View in order to refresh the Rad Grid as in this Demo.

control, already binding values from the database and displaying them, with the ability to add and delete entries from the table. Get Data Key Value("Salutation")); string first Name = Convert.

I need to add editing functionality, but I've finally run into a block, and I can't find a way past it. Command Name == "Update") { Contacts Sql Data Source.

The ASP page contains both the " Select Command="etc..." Update Command="UPDATE Contacts SET [email protected], First [email protected] Name, etc... Grid Command Event Args e) { Rad Grid grid = sender as Rad Grid; Grid Data Item data Item = e. Update(); } } protected void Contacts Sql Data Source_Updating(object sender, Sql Data Source Command Event Args e) { Grid Edit Form Item edit Item = (Contacts Rad Grid.

WHERE Client Contact [email protected] Contact ID" Cancel Select On Null Parameter="False" onupdating="Contacts Sql Data Source_Updating"protected void Contacts Rad Grid_Item Command(object sender, Telerik. Item as Grid Data Item; Grid Edit Form Item edit Item = e.

Javascript: hi Princy My scenario is slightly further: I navigate to the 3rd page in the Rad Grid, and clicked on the View Details button on a particular item to open a radwindow.

After radwindow is closed, your recommended code rebinds the parent Rad Grid, which is good.

However after rebind the Rad Grid returns to first page.