Here’s the deal: you’re not a raw beginner, and we don’t intend to treat you like one.You know how to date already; you just want to step up the volume, or get a bit of an edge over the competition.

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To get the BEST dating results, you’ve got to educate yourself.

Using the same old bag of tricks only works for so long.

There are new techniques, new sites, new ways to operate.

The old ways of meeting birds just don’t WORK anymore, not when everyone’s racing around at a hundred kilometers an hour with their faces buried in their mobiles. The crowd is probably the reason you haven’t been able to pull in the first place.

Our blog is full of dating philosophies like this, as well as stories and tips.

If you’re not some rich bloke or an artist, no one in London will pay attention to you.

You can get the BEST results without trying too hard if you know where to start.

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We’ve all been there, especially those of us in the greater London area.

In a city so large, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd.