yes people actually browse online dating profiles and send messages to say what they don’t like about you! What this says about you is you can’t get a date for love nor money so you need to ‘act out’ your frustrations by trying to make others feel as low about themselves as you do. Do not give a second thought or wonder why a total stranger would think these things about you .. This is basically an extention of the comments you see on blogs, I don’t mean ones that constructively disagree with your post but the ones that just say this is sh*t or describe what they want to do with their private parts.If you receive any messages like this, delete them .. This is not unique to the internet, you hear it on radio talk shows and read it in letters to editors.Some people clearly have mental frustrations which they release in any anonymous fashion they can.

During the 1920s and 1930s it was often censored and even temporarily stopped.

In autumn 1938 the party was abolished and during the German occupation and World War II that came soon afterwards the newspaper became an underground mimeographed pamphlet.

After the communist take-over in 1948 it became the leading newspaper in the country, the Czechoslovak equivalent of the Soviet Union's Pravda, highly propagandistic and sometimes obedient to the government. Rudé právo had a circulation of over one million daily, making it the most widely read newspaper in Czechoslovakia.

Politeness costs nothing, only a moment of your time and in some cases makes you the bigger/better person.

If you have experienced any other forms of rudeness with online dating please leave a comment and let us know about your experiences.

I have experienced this first hand when I was dating online, receiving messages asking if I was really that fat/tall/boring/sarcastic or whatever.

There are also the messages that tell you what’s wrong with you .. There are millions of people online you will not be attracted to, so just click the next button and move on.

The communist government promoted its sales, for example, by sometimes forbidding other newspapers from being sold before 10am, or kiosk owners might paid to not sell other papers at all, or the presses that printed rival newspapers could just be ordered not to print them.

I am often asked how to deal with rudeness on online dating sites and after the first date.