Naturally, the person you’re with will do the same. Dating should be about adding value to each other’s life and well-being.The reason most people don’t get what they want is . Instead, think of ways to become a better person for your partner. Recognize what that is and share your gift with who you’re with. Think about the last argument you were involved with.I bet you anything it started off with statements that sounded like these: “But I thought that …” “I just assumed if…” “I didn’t know that…” If you’re nodding your head, you just discovered why most relationships fail. Never make the mistake of assuming what your partner thinks.

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The mistake that most people commit when they get into a relationship is they try and change the other person.

That’s like buying a pair of shoes that are either too big or too small.

Sure you can make it work but it won’t be comfortable. The solution to this issue is really simple; just find someone who wants the same things you do. First of all, get clarity on what it is you really want from a relationship. What are things that are just non-negotiable to you?

Just like most people, I’ve had my fair share of heartaches with dating in the past. But in my case, women never seem to want to stay long-term. If you’ve had “bad luck” in the past as well, I suggest you ask yourself these questions too. 4 Important Questions You Need to Ask Before Getting into a Relationship Most people seek out security by being in a relationship. If you come from a place of lack, you’ll always feel needy and insecure.

What made me look into this area of my life further was during a time when I had a streak of bad dates. My heart was crushed and my self-esteem was at an all time low. Do you know people who jump from one relationship to the other? You can’t look for validation and acceptance anywhere but from yourself.

I had the Midas touch except it worked in reverse; everything I came in contact with turned to crap. As a single guy, finding someone worthwhile matters to me. You should be able to enjoy your own company and value your own opinion. Knowing what I know now, here are some questions that I would’ve asked myself before getting into a new relationship. The hardest conversation you’ll ever have is the one with yourself in silence. Relationships shouldn’t be a temporary fix for deeper rooted issues.Use that to qualify the people you’re going on dates with from the very beginning.You’ll gain more respect from others if you’re willing to live up to your values no matter what.When you focus on giving, you’ll always feel happy.By making your partner’s life better, the relationship becomes a very positive experience for the both of you.