autor: There are 165 penal institutions in Poland housing more than 80,000 offenders.

autor: Our first TV documentary “The Gangster” was broadcasted by the 1st channel of Polish National TV on 12 April 2007 (viewing figures reached 700,000 people).

We wish to propose the series of documentaries which have never been produced in Poland before.

UPDATE: We have a new series of articles where we interview cam models and ELM sellers so you can learn from actual models.

As a result of dramatic experiences he is leaving world of the business and became „ lawyer ” of homeless people.

At his charity work he is coming across the objections of municipal authorities.

autor: In 2000 we started “Youth without drugs“ project and till today it has been presented in schools and universities to more than 250,000 teenagers all over Poland.

The meetings are conducted by the instructors of abuse and drugs treatment.

autor: Voice of the Gospel Foundation - Henryk Dedo and Jan Obrebowski It was very risky to smuggle the Bibles in the seventies to the countries behind Iron Curtain. The operations were logistically complex and depended upon the close cooperation between people from different national and professional background.

autor: For over 47 years through 50 radio stations transmitting our radio documentaries all over Poland, we tell the stories of people, whose lives have been changed by God.

Our programmes are broadcast in over 280 Polish towns and cities.

autor: Voice of the Gospel Foundation Artur Pawłowski Has been living in Calgary, in Canada for over 10 years.