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TRANSMAN Chapter 1 It was around the time when I was five years old that I realized I was supposed to be a boy.

I was standing inside a small metal shed with one of the neighbouring boys around my age.

We were showing each other our 'private parts' and when I saw his penis, that's when I knew.

The first thing that came to mind was, Where's mine?

read more TRANSMAN Chapter 2 I was 20 years when I had my first consultation with Dr. During our first session he asked me all sorts of questions just to get a general idea of me and than he really targeted in on my reason for being there.

I must have been sending out some very strong body language signals because at one point he said to me, "You know it's ok to cry if you feel you want or need to.

It takes a strong man to show his feelings." At that moment everything came out and I did cry and for a very long time. I did sleep most of the time but I was now aware when people were around me.

read more TRANSMAN Chapter 3 My first surgery was a double mastectomy (because I had bind my breast for 6 years the skin had been stretched so much that I needed to have several surgeries to make it look decent. read more TRANSMAN Chapter 4 I vaguely remember my first day with my penis. The nurses were coming in and performing an ultrasound on my penis to check on the blood flow.

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