It was working this weekend but today it does not work.

updating my website yahoo-13

UPDATE 7/3/2013 pm CDT GMT-5: I took the suggestion of David and copied the script from his link and created in my public folder. However I noticed that there was another link in the script with a Yahoo URL I don't know how long this link will work, but it is the source code of the Yahoo Web Player. I changed my website code to access this new file, and I have everything working again! Here's the link: tried using this on a client site and it would not properly play the audio.

Just to be safe I copied this script into a text file named and changed the link in to point to my file instead. It would detect them all, but the player behavior is erratic, only loads some of them, and generally not the one that was selected.

This problem did not exist when it was hosted on the yahoo cdn Great.

When I view the page source it says that the script is missing.

When I check the old link for Yahoo Web Player it forwards to the home page.

When I check the Yahoo web site they say nothing about it.

It looks like they have gotten rid of it with no announcement.

I have been working on a Ruby on Rails application recently.

We were using Yahoo Web Player to play our audio and video files.

It worked really nice, especially for tablets and smartphones which do not allow the use of Flash.

However to my horror I noticed this morning that it no longer works.