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The world turned, the sun rose then disappeared behind an ever thickening layer of clouds. - Green Vine Snakes - Baja California Rat Snake - Eastern Mud Salamander - Albino Carpet Python - Remember the Rubber Eel?

A short foray in Kinney County produced a pretty and feisty bullsnake and followed by a fleeting view of a Texas patchnose. Del Rio was behind us and finally Comstock, our first real destination was on the horizon. - 4-Toes - Everglades Crocs - Carrot-tailed Viper Gecko - Spider Gecko - The Tiniest Salamander - Gophers—Frogs That Is - A Horned Frog Predicament - Kenya Sand Boa Manopause?! - It's all in the details - Miraculous Mouse Mamas!

- Black-breasted Leaf Turtle - An Isolated Corn Snake Population In Kentucky - Mc Gregor’s Pit Vipers - Wagler's Vipers - Colombian Boas and a Mention of Miami - Giant Whiptail - Red Milk Snake!

A glorius shot of a Great Basin Rattlesnake in central Utah brings us some serenity for our Herp Photo of the day, uploaded by user crocman6594 ! As always on Friday, we celebrate all of our venomous reptiles for their contribution to the world.

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• Backwater Reptiles • Henry Piorun Reptiles - ALL REPTILES TRADING CO. - Perfect Prey - Dinky Reptiles and Aquatics - bioncenter - Sanibel Serpents - Girls With Balls Pythons & More - options555 - add_reptiles - awright70 It was 3PM when Jake finished loading his necessities in the Honda. It had been startled away from the edge of our little goldfish and frog pond by one of our dogs.

This would be the first long trip for the CRV and I was hoping it would prove as trusty as the old ’96 RAV that had only recently “bitten the dust.” I-10 was only an hour away and once in the westbound lanes of that highway we would really be on our way. Knowing that the dogs are proficient at deterring marauding raccoons, I had been wondering for more than a month where the occasional goldfish had disappeared to and why our resident population of Florida leopard frogs, , had dwindled to near zero.

By the time we had reached the Alabama state line dusk was nigh. At least one of the reasons, the nocturnal one, became instantly clear. By nightfall Patti and I had stretched “bird netting” over the little pond.