The United Nations Secretariat uses a talent management system for all job applications using an online profile.Candidates can draft and send different PHPs to target different job opportunities.The system is used for jobs in the UN Secretariat in a system called 'Inspira'.

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Attitude is more important than qualifications here, and we look for people with a positive energy, patience and flexibility.

Experience of working in specific SEND environments and with specific conditions is helpful, but not essential.

If you are new to working in SEND, we help you develop your skills and experience through a combination of work placements and free training, giving you access to some of the most rewarding and enjoyable jobs in education.

We offer CPD training courses to both experienced workers and people at the start of their SEND careers to equip you for specific roles with specific groups of pupils, often working in conjunction with schools themselves to deliver tailored programmes that lead to jobs.

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If you are very sure this is a correct email address, please try submitting it again.We will accept it, but you may not receive emails correctly from us in the future.: June 2016: New documents for download added (right) on searching for international jobs, training opportunities, and competency-based interviews.I have also added for download material currently being used in career support workshops in The Hague.Under 'UN Staff Development Resources' see the link to Agora - the excellent UNICEF learning portal which includes online courses on interviews and job applications - and links to new UN training courses.For most jobs in the United Nations and other international organisations (IOs), applicants have to complete an online form which is called a Personal History Profile (PHP, sometimes called a PHF, formerly P11).