He wears soccer cleats and knee socks and is surrounded by a smattering of soccer balls that read 'USA', in reference to this summer's World Cup.

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Man vs Food presenter Adam Richman has told of his shame over his pudgy look in the past.

Adam – who has lost four stone after dumping mammoth eating challenges like the 7lb breakfast burrito – even asked a cameraman to film him from the side so his millions of viewers would not see how fat he looked.

He said: "I didn't like how I looked – it was making me depressed.

TV star ADAM RICHMAN has fuelled rumours he is dating British pop singer MYLEENE KLASS after they were spotted holding hands in London. Food presenter and the former Hear’Say star have teamed up to front a barbecue cookery contest called BBQ Champ for Britain’s ITV network, and they got close on the set of the show.

Now the rumours of a blossoming romance have been fuelled after Richman and Klass were snapped walking hand-in-hand as they left a TV studio together following a joint interview on Thursday (30Jul15).

During the chat, for This Morning, Richman praised his co-presenter’s looks and spoke of his admiration that she was able to eat chocolate and junk food while still looking sexy for a bikini shoot days later.

Mr Richman, 40, poses lying down with a soccer ball precariously covering his genitals.

"The cameraman said to me, 'Dude, no one wants to see the side of your head.

They want to see your face.' "The thing was I didn't like what I saw. "I am a bit of a clothes horse and it's great to wear cool stuff." The star credits much of his weight loss to getting fit to play in the UNICEF Soccer Aid charity match at Old Trafford in June.

Adam said: "I owe it to my fans to stay in shape." - Adam Richman’s Fandemonium starts on Friday at 9pm on Food Network.

Earlier this week (ends31Jul15), Klass told how Richman has been showering her with gifts during their time working on the programme and revealed she has invited him to her London home for a dinner date.