As of August 2012 Baxter has not made any mention on plans to record her sophomore record.Erica Baxter was born in Gunnedah, northwest New South Wales, on 10 November 1977 and attended the private girls' school Abbotsleigh. She later married James Packer on 20 June 2007 after dating on and off for four years.

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Baxter and Packer have three children: daughter Indigo (born 27 July 2008), son Jackson Lloyd (born 2 February 2010) and daughter Emmanuelle Sheelagh (born 22 September 2012).

In September 2013, James and Erica Packer announced their separation.

Though we're still holding out hope that Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom will reconcile (they hung out just this weekend!

), there're already rumors swirling that Miranda's moved on with a 46-year-old Australian businessman named James Packer. Like Miranda, James is also recently separated from his model wife of seven years, Erica Baxter, with whom he has three children, and who also hails from the same Australian town of Gunnedah as Miranda. The supermodel and the billionaire have apparently been friends for years, with James giving Miranda business advice when she launched Kora Organics, and they even spent time vacationing in Tahiti together with their spouses just last year. So far all we have to go by are rumors, but neither Miranda nor James have denied their relationship.

Erica Baxter is currently separated from James Packer.

She has been in four celebrity relationships averaging approximately 8.1 years each. Occupation: Fashion - Model "I don't find it painful, though.I think it's a narrative that follows you because it's an interesting headline. We've exchanged good wishes and all that sort of stuff to each other, but not a constant thing. The second and final single from the album I Don't Feel a Thing failed to chart.They haven't confirmed it either, but if it weren't true, they'd totes say so, right??? We're still secretly hoping for the Leo love to win out in the end! We can only hope it's all fiction and Miranda and Orlando are gonna make it work, but don't be devastated if this rumor turns out to be true. 'In the article, I say that, as a single parent, 'I'm a mom and a dad at the same time.' And that is the case when I'm alone with our kids ...