Tank, off the It’s incredible to think that February 2016 has all of the capability to be labeled as the best month of the year, and we’re nowhere near done!From Beyoncé commanding all the ladies into “Formation” to Tweet and Missy Elliott’s re-connection on “Somebody Else Will,” the year’s shortest month (even on a leap year) supplied some really good music.In addition to the music supplied, February brought along one of the most memorable Black History Month’s in recent years.

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That person was the Vision Implementor himself, Tyrese.

Well, the multi-talented singer/actor has now surprised us early Friday morning (July 15), with a mega remix featuring himself, along with the previously released verses by R. Titled, “Secret Garden Remix,” Tyrese comes in strong with a provocative verse, singing, “Sh*t’s so hard I had to do a remix / Girl you got my sh*t so hard, p**sy got me in my feelings.” Continuing, “You gon’ get this chocolate / Capricorn in this bed / Girl I don’t really do a lot of talkin’, but watch me back up every word that I said.” Welp, ok.

I know many of you are just getting your day started, but Tyrese, Chris, Kellz, Usher, and Tank have plans for you to stay in bed this Friday morning.

“We are here to hold it down, it’s like defenders of the earth, we’re here to defend the culture, and just re-spark the interest in true R&B Soul,” he says. Much like the Nicholas Sparks tale, this film features an elderly couple, who are celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary.

Additionally, Tyrese serenaded the cameras with a love letter to R&B, getting all in his feels. Due to his wife’s Alzheimer’s, an older version of Ty tries threading this story together, going down a sometimes painful memory lane, one filled with arguments, forgiveness and love.

As he tells the story, fans see it unfold on-screen in the form of the aforementioned musical numbers. Written and directed by the singer/actor, the short co-stars fellow singer V.Bozeman, whom Ty recently worked with on the emotional duet “You Can’t Break Me.” The music video film tells a story of lust, struggle, infidelity, and lasting love, set to “You Can’t Break Me,” as well as “Waiting On You” and “Prior To You” feat.Take a listen to the latest “Back To Sleep” remix below!, and how his persistence to stress the importance of celebrating classic R&B music was key to the movement.Continuing to be one of the largest voices in the fight to have mainstream media support the music, the singer has sat down with ESSENCE for a new interview, which also acts as promo for his upcoming performance at the ESSENCE Music Festival this coming July 4th weekend.During the interview, Tyrese talked about his favorite artists, and explained how it’s up to a select group of singers to spread the magic of true soul music. The music video short film tells a story of lust, struggle, infidelity and lasting love, set to “You Can’t Break Me,” as well as “Waiting On You” and “Prior To You,” off Tyrese’s 2015 album , Ty borrowed elements from the film to create his own compelling story of true love.